Building materials transportation

Building materials transportation

Transportation of construction materials is one of the most popular services in the field of logistics. However, this type of transportation has its own specifics.

Regardless of the type of rolling stock and route, when transporting construction materials, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules for their transportation, because international transportation of many categories of building materials, in particular paints, enamels, drying oils and varnishes, is classified as dangerous goods.

It is important that the transport is fully consistent with the specifics and dimensions of the cargo, and when loading and transporting, the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer must be strictly observed.

Good Logistic company has been involved in international transport for a long period, organizing export and import, as well as customs clearance of construction materials.

Choosing the services of our company, you will not need to worry about the safe transportation and customs procedures of your cargo.

Our company organizes the entire transportation process in such a way as to save your money and release you from unnecessary troubles.

Natalia – an expert of international shipping of building materials

Natalia – an expert of international shipping of building materials

We are glad to introduce you Natalia, our professional which specializes in the delivery of building materials.

Building materials are used everywhere. A huge amount of construction work is regularly carried out, within the framework of which various types of buildings, dry mixes, oversized products, etc. are used. All building materials cannot be assigned to one specific category of cargo since they can differ significantly in weight, dimensions, and technical characteristics. The differences are so significant that there are no uniform transportation rules for construction materials.

Thanks to the knowledge of Natalia and partnership arrangements, we involve all types of transport for the organization of cargo transportation and develop multimodal schemes, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo.

Our company guarantees the timely delivery of any goods, regardless of geography and complexity of transportation. Mutually beneficial cooperation with the largest carrier companies makes it possible to offer favorable financial conditions to our clients and to maintain a consistently high level of service.

Speed We guarantee the stated time frame of transportation.
Best price We plan the most cost-efficient route and offer only necessary services, thereby reducing your costs.
Anywhere Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

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