Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics is a technique for managing warehouse processes and an integral part of cargo transportation. Profitability of a business depends on how well the warehouse logistics is organized.

The ultimate goal of warehouse logistics is to minimize storage costs, as well as to exclude cargo damages. In many cases, it is more profitable when warehouse processes are operated by a logistic company.

Warehouse logistics outsourcing

Outsourcing has the following advantages:

  • you don’t spent time on operating warehouse processes and controlling the efficiency of warehouse logistics by your own;
  • you are provided with high-quality management of logistics operations at the warehouse;
  • you are provided with professional assistance in determining proper storage conditions for a non-standard cargo;
  • logisticians promptly deal with difficult situations and problems;
  • responsibility for the efficiency of the warehouse logistics lies with an experienced contractor.

To order warehouse logistics services call 0 800 300 577 or leave a request in the feedback form.

Our services

We also provide a service of storage at bonded warehouses in Odessa, Kiev, Warsaw and other cities.

We have our own warehouse In Kiev, here we consolidate cargo for groupage shipping to the USA to the Amazon warehouses.

LCL/LTL services

  • transloading;
  • temporary storage;
  • stickering;
  • repackaging.

For details call 0 800 300 577 or fill out the feedback form.

Why choose us?

We can:

  • find a warehouse for any type of cargo (including hazardous, veterinary cargo, etc.);
  • prepare all the documentation needed for placing the goods in the warehouse;
  • accurately calculate the area for storage;
  • choose the best warehouse location in order to reduce transportation costs;
  • determine proper storage conditions;
  • effectively manage the warehouse processes.

Good Logistic offers high-quality warehouse logistics services. Contact our managers by phone 0 800 300 577 or leave a request in a feedback form.

We also provide services of customs clearance, freight forwarding, cargo insurance, consulting.

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