International container shipping

Контейнерные грузоперевозки

Container shipping is a popular method of transporting goods (both large and small consignments) over the long distances. The main advantage of container shipping is a low cost.

Containers are used for:

Moving goods in the same container through two or more modes of transport calls intermodal shipping.

Benefits of container shipping:
  1. Cost saving: container shipping costs several times less than other methods.
  2. Flexibility: containers can be used to transport a wide range of goods, including food, chemical products, equipment, etc.
  3. Protection: container protects the goods, so the latter often do not require complex and expensive packaging.
  4. Faster transshipment: transshipment operations are much faster if goods are placed in a container.
  5. Safety: a container can only be opened at points of departure/destination and at customs.

To order container shipping (Ukraine, Europe, China, the USA and other countries) call 0 800 300 577 or fill out the feedback form.

Our services

  • an optimal route for sea/rail/road transport planning;
  • cargo space booking;
  • freight forwarding at the ports Odessa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi;
  • groupage freight;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance.

GoodLogistics also provides a service of cargo consolidation for LCL delivery to the United States at the company’s Kyiv region warehouse.

Why choose us?

We are valued for:

  • facilitating container shipping since 2014;
  • providing high-quality forwarding and customs brokerage services;
  • having direct contracts with shipping lines and contacts with freight agents in more than 200 countries;
  • ensuring cargo control at all stages of delivery process;
  • providing clients with information support 24 hours 7 days a week.

To order container shipping call 0 800 300 577 or leave a request in the feedback form.

Cargo types for container shipping

General, bulk, liquid, oversized cargo and some hazardous goods can be transported in containers.

There are several types of containers used in transportation: standard, refrigerated, with an open top (Open Top), platforms (Flat Rack) and tanks (Tank containers).

In recent years, the service of transportation of liquid non-hazardous goods in flexi-bags has also gained popularity.

Goods that can’t be shipped in a container without a special packaging:
  • perishable items in bulk;
  • explosive and toxic items;
  • items, that can contaminate a container;
  • items, that react chemically with metals.

For details call 0 800 300 577 or leave a request in the feedback form.

Container shipping cost

Shipping cost depends on several factors:

  • delivery route;
  • type of service;
  • cargo characteristics;
  • container type;
  • seasonality.

Our experts will help you to calculate the cost of container shipping – please call 0 800 300 577 or contact us via the feedback form.

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