Shipping to Amazon warehouses

Sea freight (LCL)

minimum weight – 100 kg
less than 1 pallet
from $2,49 per kg
120*100*180 (maximum 700 kg)
from 1 to 3 pallets
from $750 for a pallet
120*100*180 (maximum 700 kg)
more than 3 pallets
special rate

Services provided

Container loading at the warehouse in Kiev

Customs clearance in Ukraine

Road delivery to the seaport

Sea freight to the port of New York

Customs clearance in the USA

Shipping and unloading at the warehouse in New Jersey

Cargo insurance

× Duties and taxes in the United States

× Delivery to the Amazon warehouse

Air freight

less then 300 kg
upon request
less than 1000 кг
upon request
more than 1000 кг
upon request

Services provided

Cargo handling at the warehouse and transport to Boryspil airport

Customs clearance in Ukraine

Air freight from Boryspil to New York

Customs clearance in the USA

Shipping and unloading at the warehouse in New Jersey

Cargo insurance

× Duties and taxes in the United States

× Delivery to the Amazon warehouse

We transport goods to the Best Partner USA warehouse (Cherry Hill, NJ), which is an FBA/FBM prep service for Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and other e-commerce platforms.

About FBA and FBM programs

Доставка на Amazon в США

Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform with over 310 million active customers. Amazon provides services of storage and distribution of goods through the marketplace facilities within the framework of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Also, the seller can do this on his own, under the Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) program.

The FBA program assumes the storage of goods in the retailer's service centers. Amazon employees take care of inventory, streamlining and the selling process.


FBA или FBM?

The FBA program allows a merchant to sell products directly from Amazon warehouses, from where it is shipped to a customer.

Under the FBM a seller organizes storage, packaging, delivery and returns by his own.

According to statistics for 2020, 66% of sellers choose the FBA service, 28% of entrepreneurs use FBA and FBM at the same time, and 6% only work with FBM.

  • FBA – large consignments, fast turnover;
  • FBM – custom-made, expensive goods.

Recently Amazon has been changing its FBA product limits in an effort to reduce the amount of third-party products in stock. Therefore, many sellers start using both options: FBA and FBM.

How to ship goods to Amazon?

Products can be shipped to Amazon in several ways.

  1. Air freight   for small consignments, expensive goods and time-critical cargo;
  2. Sea freight – for sending large consignments or groupage cargo.

The main difficulty in delivering goods to Amazon warehouses for the seller is that the retailer does not act as an importer and as a party to a foreign trade contract, and therefore is not responsible for transportation and customs clearance in the USA.

That’s why an entrepreneur needs a reliable logistics partner with experience in shipping goods to Amazon.

How much does it cost?

Сколько стоит доставка на Амазон?

GoodLogistics offers a complex solution for delivery to any Amazon FBA distribution center in the USA from Ukraine and China.

In Kiev we have our own warehouse, where we consolidate cargo for shipping to the. USA. Containers are sent to America 2-3 times a month.

Check the shipping cost with our managers by phone0 800 300 577 or leave a request in the feedback form.

How do we ship to Amazon?
  1. Goods are shipped to Amazon FBA warehouses under the DDP terms (Delivered Duty Paid).
  2. Our company is a registered importer in the United States. We can act as a recipient, pay customs duties and taxes when importing your products.
  3. We calculate the cost of shipping to Amazon warehouses in the US and issue an export declaration for the shipment.
  4. We manage documents needed for import, calculate duties and taxes that must be paid when importing products into the United States.

Why choose us?

We are valued for:

  • ensuring safety, minimizing the risk of loss;
  • believing in success of clients' products and selecting the best delivery options;
  • dealing with all the organizational issues of transportation from the moment the goods are received at a manufacturer's warehouse until the moment they are delivered to an Amazon warehouse;
  • having wide experience in shipping goods to Amazon warehouses and providing high-quality service;
  • treating client's goods as our own.

Ukraine – the USA

Украина – США

According to Marketplace Pulse, there are more than 2.2 million active Amazon sellers in 2020, but there are not many Ukrainian manufacturers among them. It's due to the difficulties of exporting from Ukraine, the language barrier and a lack of understanding of the risks when sending goods to Amazon in the United States.

GoodLogistics will help to change the statistics. We advise entrepreneurs on the nuances of delivery to the marketplace.

Want to make profit on Amazon? Start shipping your goods to the USA. For details, call 0 800 300 577 or leave the request in the feedback form.

China – The USA

Китай – США

Delivery from China to Amazon is a popular service among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. More than 48% of the products sold on Amazon are manufactured in whole or in part in China. To save money, most sellers ship their goods directly from China to the US to Amazon FBA warehouses.

Our experts will check the consignment for compliance with Amazon requirements and will select the optimal transport mode.

To place an order call0 800 300 577 or fill out the feedback form.

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