Sea freight

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most cost-efficient shipping method.

GoodLogistics facilitates shipments from China, USA, countries of Europe, Africa and Asia to Ukraine and in the opposite direction.

We also provide a service of sea freight to Amazon warehouses in the USA.

You can find the full list of available directions in the Geography section.

Why choose us?

We are valued for:

  • operating in the international transportation industry market since 2014;
  • being a part of international organizations FIATA, WCA, Lognet Global;
  • having direct contracts with shipping lines and contacts with freight agents in more than 200 countries around the world;
  • planning cost-efficient routes;
  • preparing all the necessary documentation for customs clearance;
  • ensuring the safety of the cargo and providing clients with information support 24 hours 7 days a week.

We also provide a cargo insurance service to protect you from financial loss in the case of force majeure.

Benefits of sea freight

Sea freight

  1. Safety. When being shipped by vessel goods are packed into containers, so they are protected. Since container can only be opened at points of departure/destination and at customs, the risk of cargo damage during container shipping is low.
  2. Cost-efficiency. Container shipping is the most cost-efficient method of delivering goods. So, if speed is not a priority, choose sea shipping.
  3. Wide range of possibilities. Carrier ships are the most suitable transport to deliver an out-of-gauge cargo: cars, equipment, building materials etc.

Multimodal transport

In the absence of direct transport connection between a shipper and a consignee we can provide a service of multimodal transport, which means transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with several modes of transport.

Container can be delivered from port directly to the consignee's warehouse by using rail or road transport.

To order sea freight call 0 800 300 577 or use the feedback form.

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