Multimodal (combined) transportation

Мультимодальные грузовые перевозки

Multimodal transport is a combination of at least two or more different modes to move a cargo under one single bill of lading. Combined transportation is used when:

  1. it is impossible to deliver cargo to its destination using one mode of transport;
  2. using one mode of transport is too expensive or takes a long time.
Multimodal shipping can combine:

Multimodal transport requires more logistics coordination. That’s why it’s better to be provided with assistance of an expert when coordinating combined shipping.

Benefits of multimodal transport

Combined transport is often the most convenient way to move a large consignment of cargo from one continent to another or to transport non-standard cargo within the country.

Multimodal transport has a lot of advantages:
  • door-to-door delivery option even when moving cargo from one continent to another;
  • time saving: a shipper doesn’t have to sign contracts with various carriers and to control the process of transportation;
  • the responsibility for the safety of the cargo lies with a single operator/freight agent along the entire route;
  • a shipper is provided with a professional assistance in passing through customs;
  • cost reduction.

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Our services

  • route planning and optimal transport modes selecting (based on the characteristics of the cargo and the client’s needs);
  • calculation of the shipping cost, including local transport operations;
  • conclusion of contracts with carriers;
  • cargo control ensuring;
  • import/export customs clearance;
  • shipping documents preparing.

GoodLogistics freight agents are high skilled professionals in the field of freight shipping, including international combined transport.

Our company has been facilitating international multimodal shipping from the USA, China, Turkey and other countries since 2014.

We also provide services of customs clearance, cargo handling, cross-docking, storage etc.

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Why choose us?

We are valued for:

  • planning the most cost-efficient routes;
  • accurately calculating the shipping cost;
  • controlling the work of each carrier on the route;
  • taking the responsibility for the safety of the cargo during the whole process of transportation;
  • delivering goods safely and on time;
  • managing of the documents required for international multimodal transportation preparation process.

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We also provide services of consulting, freight forwsrding, customs clearance, warehouse logistics.

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