Freight forwarding for film industry

Freight forwarding for film industry

We provide world-class freight forwarding services for a fast-growing field such as the film industry.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Expert advice on foreign economic activity and full information support on all issues.
  • Multimodal transportation of goods: by air, sea, rail and road.
  • Passing customs procedures and preparing all necessary documentation.
  • Ability to deliver cargo on a temporary import basis.
  • We will help you quickly fill out all the necessary documents in order to register your cargo in the customs zone, and then take it out of it without any problems.

The guarantee of fast and careful delivery of expensive equipment is the main requirement in transportation for the film industry. We understand the special level of security and responsibility for the safety of valuable cargo, as well as set of customs rules that regulate delivery, including the procedure for temporary importation. Therefore, you can rely on the high level of professionalism of our employees, an individual and integrated approach to each customer.

We will be very happy to help you successfully shoot a clip/film/series, protecting you from problems with fast and high-quality delivery and many customs formalities.

Inna – an expert of international shipping of film equipment

Inna – an expert of international shipping of film equipment

We are pleased to introduce you Inna, our professional which specializes in the delivery of equipment for the film industry.

You are associated with the film industry and there is a need to transport machinery or equipment? You do not know where to start or how to implement it? This is not a problem.

Our manager Inna will be able to offer several transportation options, will give you a clue how to execute documents and will help with their development. She will explain you all the details of the process and explain the risks and minimize your costs as well. She is a professional in this field. Studios and producers who contacted our company with similar requests were satisfied with the results of cooperation and are returning to us again.

We carry out all types of logistics for this sector, including import, export, temporary import/export, as well as transportation through the ATA Carnet. With us, you will not worry about the safety of the cargo, because we always offer product insurance against all possible risks. We discuss all the nuances and carry out transportation on jointly agreed terms

Speed We guarantee the stated time frame of transportation.
Best price We plan the most cost-efficient route and offer only necessary services, thereby reducing your costs.
Anywhere Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

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