Pharmaceuticals international shipping

Pharmaceuticals international shipping

Transportation of goods for the pharmaceutical industry is a very responsible task that requires maximum care and strict observance of the necessary storage conditions.

Increased requirements, in most cases, consist in compliance with the temperature and humidity conditions for transportation and storage. Failure to comply with the rules and standards for the transport of drugs can cause damage and loss of the entire cargo consignmen.

  • The highly qualified specialists of Good Logistic are well aware of all aspects and features of the transportation of pharmaceutical products.
  • Our logistics solutions fully comply with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Our forwarding drivers clearly adhere to the instructions on the loading (unloading) procedure, as well as the transport of medicines, drugs and preparations.
  • Good Logistic adheres to all requirements of international and regional legislation in the field of international transportation of medicines.
  • We deliver pharmaceutical products by road using specialized refrigeration equipment, by sea, refrigerated transport by rail, and also using multimodal delivery routes.
  • if it is necessary to urgently deliver medical supplies, we will arrange transportation in special containers using air transport.

Oksana – an expert of international shipping of pharmaceutical products

Oksana – an expert of international shipping of pharmaceutical products

We are pleased to introduce you Natalia, our professional which specializes in the delivery of goods of the pharmaceutical industry.

Transportation of medicines, as well as raw materials for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, requires strict adherence to standards and the availability of appropriate equipment. Natalia is a professional with many years of experience in the delivery of medical equipment, machinery, medical devices, and drugs from door to door.

Natalia pays special attention to the safety of the transported cargo; therefore transportation is carried out in compliance with all norms, international legal acts and laws in the field of drug delivery. We adhere to exact time parameters, which allows us to establish the current location of the goods and the time of arrival.

Natalia will develop an optimal route for your cargo, which eliminates the possibility of emergencies in transit and minimizes risks.

Speed We guarantee the stated time frame of transportation.
Best price We plan the most cost-efficient route and offer only necessary services, thereby reducing your costs.
Anywhere Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

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