Freight forwarding

Экспедирование грузов

Freight forwarding is the coordination of shipment of goods within the country and abroad via different modes of transport. It can also include warehouse logistics and customs clearance.

International freight forwarding includes:

Freight forwarding consists of negotiating tariffs, fulfilling customs procedures and managing shipments both nationally and internationally.

Forwarding services

Forwarding services are provided by logistics companies, which ensure that cargoes are shipped timely and proficiently.

Freight forwarder coordinates the whole process of transportation.

Services provided by freight forwarders:
  • route planning and costs calculation;
  • negotiation of freight charges;
  • cargo space booking;
  • customs procedures fulfilling;
  • arranging cargo insurance;
  • arranging transport;
  • inland haulage (from the warehose to the port/station)
  • preparation of shipping and customs documentation;
  • cargo control;
  • shipping payments.

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Freight forwarder – a valuable assistant

Freight forwarder manages many logistics processes. Thereby cargo owner doesn't need to deal with negotiation and paperwork on his own.

  1. Improving freight efficiency. An expert will help you to find the most cost-effective transport solution.
  2. Speeding up customs clearance. An expert will proficiently manage the process os documents preparation for cargo insurance, customs clearance and warehousing.
  3. Reducing financial risk. Cargo insurance is usually included in the basic freight forwarding package of services, so a shipper doesn't have to arrange an insurance on his own.
  4. Optimizing warehouse logistics. A freight forwarder arranges cross-docking, temporary storage, cargo consolidation and other operations related to warehousing.

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We are valued for:

  • operating in the international transportation industry market since 2014;
  • being a part of international organizations WCA, FIATA, AIFFU, Lognet Global;
  • having direct contacts with freight agents in more than 200 countries around the world;
  • planning cost-efficient routes based on clients' needs and specifics of cargo;
  • working with any kind of cargo;
  • preparing all the nessesary documents;
  • monitoring cargo during the whole transportation;
  • providing clients with 24/7 information support;
  • speeding up customs clearance for import, export, transit;
  • arranging door to door delivery.

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