Refrigerated shipping

Refrigerated shipping

Transportation of food is an important and responsible area of logistics. Good Logistic transports all types of food products by various means of transport, choosing for you the best option.

In this area, it is extremely important to take into account the characteristics of each specific cargo: to ensure the provision of vehicles necessary for each specific type and volume of cargo and take care of the availability of specialized containers. It is also necessary to strictly observe the delivery time and secure the cargo accordingly.

We strive to meet customer’s expectations and guarantee the safety of transportation and compliance with all necessary technical conditions to maintain product quality. Our fleet has all the necessary specialized equipment for transporting food products. The experienced specialists of our company make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

Inna – an expert of international shipping of food products

Inna – an expert of international shipping of food products

We are pleased to introduce you Inna, our professional, which specializes in the delivery of food industry products.

Food delivery is a rather specific transport service. It requires strict compliance with sanitary standards. Besides, food products should be transported at a specific temperature.

Only professionals can organize the transportation of such goods in a correct way.

Inna is a professional with whom you can be sure of the speed and quality of delivery. Thanks to the experience of our specialist, we think through all the actions in advance and plan the route of cargo transportation correctly to safely transport food products without the risk of possible spoilage and in order to avoid unforeseen situations. We also provide customs clearance services for food products.

Inna has many years of experience with all commodity groups of food products. We have long-term contracts with customs authorities, which allow us to draw up all the necessary documentation quickly and with minimal expenses for the client. Our experts will be able to make the best route according to individual requirements or offer a ready-made solution.

Speed We guarantee the stated time frame of transportation.
Best price We plan the most cost-efficient route and offer only necessary services, thereby reducing your costs.
Anywhere Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

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