For multimodal or LCL and LTL shipping Good Logistic Company carries out the whole chain of delivery, including cross-docking of freights (the process of acceptance and shipment of goods is carried out through the warehouse directly, without being placed in the zone of long-term storage).

We provide all the services: stuffing, reloading, reforming and disbandment of containers, so you only have to give us a correct task – your export freight will be delivered to the right consumer with the right transport, and your import will be delivered to you at the right time and to the right place.


With any kinds of shipments it is the most convenient to work with a carrier who is able to provide absolutely all related services and in case of mixed shipping cross-docking is required in 80% of cases


It is always more advantageous to carry out repacking services in case of multimodal shipping with the same carrier that fulfills the rest of tasks.


We always try to satisfy all client’s wishes, which is great not only for a client but also for our constant development and introduction of new technologies and services.

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