Our experience and wide partner network allow us to provide the most reasonable prices for truck shipping in any direction. Convenience and popularity of truck shipping are explained not only by delivery speed; the great role is played by relatively low price for delivery from Europe to Ukraine or in any other part of the Eurasian continent.

Trucking is traditionally the part of multimodal shipping.

  • Automobile transport allows transporting goods of any size and configuration — oversized or bulky
  • The transportation route is prepared jointly with the customer, details and transportation features are negotiated
  • Delivery by car is not related to the schedule of ports or airports; therefore, it is carried out at an agreed date and time
  • For consolidated goods coming from anywhere in Europe, there is a customs-bonded licensed warehouse in Warsaw, from which shipments to Ukraine are made 3 times a week

By road, products, consolidated cargoes and any goods that need to be delivered over short distances are traditionally delivered. The following products are mainly supplied:

  • insulated wires and cables;
  • forest products;
  • foodstuff;
  • black metals
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • cosmetology products;
  • cars and accessories,
  • household appliances;
  • mineral fuels;
  • construction materials.

We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We always try to optimize the route and the list of services you need, thereby minimizing your costs


Any point on the land of the Eurasian continent where there is asphalt is available for our auto delivery service.

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