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We provide our clients with all necessary warehousing services (loading, shipping, repacking, and storing).
There is very important for importers and exporters possibility to store freights in customs license warehouses in Odessa, Kyiv region, and Warsaw.
With LCL and LTL shipping we carry out reshipping, temporary storing, and even repackaging of clients’ freights. Also due to warehouses and their modern technical facilities, we carry out freights repacking qualitatively and quickly.

All services in one place

With any kind of shipping, it is the most convenient to work with a transport operator able to provide all related services.

Reliability and cost-effectiveness

The possibility to store the whole or part of the freight in a customs license warehouse sometimes is more profitable than instant clearance and pickup.

The best service

We always try to satisfy all client’s wishes, which is perfect not only for a client but also for our constant development and introduction of new technologies and services.

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