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LCL/LTL (Less than Container Load/ Less than Truck Load)

Good Logistics company experience shows the exporters’ and importers’ need for small or trial deliveries. LCL delivery is the best choice in this case.
We offer LCL services from many countries of Asia, North and South America, Africa through European ports. We also carry out freight and cargo handling and truck delivery to clients both throughout Europe and to Ukraine.
For small cargoes from all European ports, we offer our own service for their consolidation to our warehouse in Poland, as well as their further truck delivery from the warehouse in Warsaw to any place in Europe or Ukraine.
Delivery of small cargoes from China is also available both by sea from 3 main ports and by railway from 3 main stations within China. Both maritime and railway deliveries are our regular services.

LCL Sea-service China


  • Weekly direct service
  • Transit time – 35 days
  • Cut-off: every Thursday
  • ETD: Every Wednesday
  • Carrier: COSCO/OOCL
  • Coverage: Shanghai


  • Weekly direct service
  • Transit time – 33 days
  • Cut-off: every Saturday
  • ETD: every Friday
  • Coverage: Ningbo

Hong Kong

  • Weekly direct service
  • Transit time – 31 days
  • Cut-off: every Tuesday
  • ETD: Every Saturday
  • Carrier: COSCO/OOCL
  • Coverage – ALL main Asian ports

Rail-service China

By railway from CHINA

We carry out railway delivery of LCL freights from China to Warsaw.
We handle freights in Warsaw warehouse and deliver them by trucks to clients both throughout Europe and to Ukraine.

Quick service. Only 21 days!

From China to Warsaw in only 16 days, and about 2-5 days more from Warsaw to any part of Ukraine!
Regular service – 2 times a week from Chengdu, Zheng Zhong, and Wuguang stations.

Additional services

We also provide services for exporting and clearance of goods from any part of China to railcars consolidation warehouse.

LTL-Europe service

Regular service

We offer LTL freights delivery services from Europe to Ukraine with rehandling in Warsaw warehouse.
Regular departures from Warsaw – 3 times a week!

Best rates

We have the best tariffs due to customs clearance of all freights at one terminal with their further local delivery to Kyiv or all over Ukraine.

Additional services

The possibility to store freights in warehouses in Europe, their repacking, EUR1 certificate registration both in a country of origin and in Poland, agreement of documents with a sender/receiver and much more.

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