морские перевозкиSea freight

Sea freight is one of the safest and most economical way of delivering goods. It involves the transport of goods by sea from one destination to another, following the conditions specified in your contract.

Our company, Good Logistics, organizes sea freight almost to/from all countries of the world. The most popular destinations, when ordering sea freight, are the delivery of goods by sea from China, USA, OAU, Canada, Israel, Georgia to Ukraine and in the opposite direction. You can get acquainted with all directions of shipping in the Directions.

Benefits of sea freight

Reliability and integrity of cargo

The main plus of this type of delivery is that your cargo is securely fastened in a special container, which was selected by weight, size, group of transported goods. It is also closed tightly and sealed, which minimizes the risk of damage to your property.

Savings on expensive types of freights

Container shipping by sea transport will help save thousands of dollars on the delivery of your goods. The cost of such services, unlike air freight or auto-delivery, can cost several times cheaper.

Some goods cannot be delivered exclusively by sea freight. In this situation, we are ready to offer you the best combination of sea, truck and rail freight.

The ability to transport oversized, heavy and bulky goods

Shipping companies carry out delivery of oversized, heavy or large cargo. These can be cars, equipment, building materials and other goods that are too heavy or large for air or truck freight.

морские перевозки грузовWhy us?

  • we take responsibility for sea freight to Ukraine and offer an additional service of cargo insurance, which will eliminate the possibility of troubles with cargo;
  • we have direct contracts with container lines and connections with shipping agents in more than 200 countries of the world;
  • we quickly monitor location and condition of cargo so that you can tranquilly expect it`s delivery;
  • an employee assigned to your project will answer any questions about the cargo 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • transport documentation, compliance with the rules of a particular country, local requirements and customs clearance – we organize container shipping to Ukraine in the legal field;
  • membership in the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine, FIATA, WCA, Lognet, combined with experience of our managers, a wide database of contacts with shipping agents around the world guarantee that your goods will be delivered on time and in good condition;
  • direct agreements with all container lines suggest that we can provide you with the best solutions for selecting routes, carriers, prices, departure and arrival times according to your requirements.

международные жд перевозкиMultimodal transport

If there is no direct communication between the recipient and the sender, we offer multimodal transportation or delivery of goods by several modes of transport.

The peculiarity of this type of transportation is that one company delivers based on a freight forwarding service agreement concluded with the owner of the cargo. Besides, with the help of vehicles, containers are delivered directly to the warehouse, which is problematic during sea or air greight.

Our managers will select the ideal route for you to ship containers by truck or rail freight.

Container sizes

Would you like to order sea freight? Call us: 0 800 300 577

Leave a request, and we will offer the best route and container for the delivery of your goods.

Have a question?

    If you have any questions, or want to know the tariffs, please fill out the form and our specialists will contact you in the near future.


    We deliver the majority of cargoes within stated time frames


    We guarantee the delivery of cargoes in timely manner and in full as long as we cooperate only with reliable partners and maritime lines


    We always try to optimize the route and the list of services necessary for you. This reduces your expenses to the maximum extent

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