Good Logistics Company offers railway shipping in any direction within the Eurasian continent. This type of shipping is the main way of delivery of bulk and liquid freights and it is demanded most often by Ukrainian exporters of agricultural sector products.

  • Rail freight is the best option for transporting large, bulk shipments
  • The carrying capacity of the trains allows the transport of large volumes of cargo
  • Consolidated cargo is mainly delivered by rail. This method is also the most convenient in adverse weather conditions, because the trains are protected from rain, snow, glaze ice
  • The advantage of this type of delivery is the relatively low price and the ability to transport goods in bulk or in containers
  • For multimodal transportation, Good Logistic carries out the entire delivery chain, including cargo transfer
  • Rail transportation is also used by us for LCL deliveries from China (the service works regularly 2 times a week from 3 railway stations in China)

We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We guarantee the delivery of your goods


We always try to optimize the route and the list of services you need, thereby minimizing your costs

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