The products of the metallurgical industry are in high demand. However, due to the large weight and dimensions of this raw material, only a professional carrier can carry out such transportation.

Good Logistic offers a full range of services for the organization of international transport of goods in the metallurgical industry. Steel and other metals are sensitive to moisture, which leads to the oxidation of materials and, as a result, their deformation and unsuitability for further use. That is why these products are transported exclusively in a container or a covered wagon, which completely eliminates contact with the environment, as well they should have specialized packaging that protects the product from mechanical damage.

Our employees will recommend the best route and mode of transport for your transportation and take care of all stages of the transportation of metallurgical products.

We provide the whole cycle of logistics services, including

  • services on paperwork and obtaining permits
  • packaging and labeling;
  • warehouse storage;
  • nsurance;
  • transportation and customs clearance.
Оксана эксперт по мультимодальным перевозкам

We are glad to introduce you Oksana, our specialist in the organization of the delivery of the metallurgical industry products.

We offer customers a full range of logistics and transportation services for the organization of international metal transportation. Oksana is a professional who will help you process the full package of documents for import, to obtain certificates, to pass customs clearance, as well as to choose a supplier, etc.

Our company provides any assistance in organizing the delivery and full advisory and information support. We understand our responsibility and assist in the process of establishing uninterrupted supplies of metal and metal products to the domestic market and abroad.


We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We always optimize the route and the list of necessary services, as a result of which we minimize your expenses.


Any point on the land of the Eurasian continent where there is asphalt is available for our auto delivery service

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