Safety and reliability of transportation are one of the key criteria for this industry. Good Logistic provides a full range of transport and logistics services for the organization and implementation of international transport of cosmetic products.

Cargo transportation of perfumes, cosmetics and medicines has its own characteristics, among which are compliance with temperature and humidity conditions and the availability of permits for the transportation of products containing hazardous substances (ADR cargo).

The requirements for the transportation of goods are constantly increasing. That is why Good Logistic offers its customers comprehensive solutions specifically for their specific requirements:

  • Multimodal transportation by the following means of transport: air, sea, rail and road.
  • Location of warehouses in strategically important regions
  • Integrated transport and logistics solutions
  • Obtaining certificates and permissions
  • A comprehensive package of customs clearance services

Soon, according to analysts, this sector is expected to increase the average annual sales growth rate. So, as the market of cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical products is largely replenished by imported products, for its fruitful functioning, which depends on large and regular volumes of traffic, it is necessary to build an uninterrupted and reliable supply chain.

Our qualified staff will offer the optimal and most secure transportation scheme, as well as will calculate the cost of transportation, taking into account the characteristics of the goods and the wishes of the customer

Наталья специалист по международной доставке товаров фармацевтической отрасли.

We are glad to introduce you Natalia, our specialist for the delivery of goods of the cosmetics industry.

Natalia is a professional whose experience provides cargo shipping using all types of transport and combined delivery schemes from Europe, Southeast, Central Asia and the USA.

Natalia will take into account your needs regarding the characteristics of the cargo, will make an optimal delivery route and calculate the cost of transportation. The capabilities of our company allow executing of cross-docking of goods (the process of receiving and shipping goods is carried out directly using the warehouse, without placing them in the long-term storage zone), loading and unloading, storage and repacking of goods, customs clearance, etc.

In the case of transportation of expensive perfumes and cosmetics products, at the request of the client, we can ensure cargo insurance. Natalia can provide you with detailed advice on the transportation of perfumes and cosmetics, the timing and cost of transportation.


We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We always optimize the route and the list of necessary services, as a result of which we minimize your expenses.


Any point on the land of the Eurasian continent where there is asphalt is available for our auto delivery service

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