Transportation of products for green energy, in particular, solar panels and inverters, is one of Good Logistic’s core transportation areas. Sea transportation of goods in a container is the most economical and safe option for transporting this type of cargo.

The advantages are that transport costs are reduced to a minimum, and the product itself is not exposed to the external influence of the environment. Good Logistic specialists will select the best transportation option for you. If necessary, they will provide the opportunity for storage of goods and will help resolve all issues with documentation and customs clearance.

Transportation of solar panels is a very complex technological process that requires a professional approach. Entrust the transportation of your cargo to the specialists of our company, and you will receive high-quality service at the most competitive prices.

To participate in urgent projects, we are ready to provide service by rail through Poland and Ukraine with a guarantee of cargo safety.

Оксана эксперт по мультимодальным перевозкам

We are glad to introduce you Oksana, our specialist in the green energy industry. In connection with the global growth in the field of renewable energy sources, there is an urgent need for qualified specialists in the organization of international delivery having special knowledge in the relevant technology.

Oksana is our professional, thanks to whom one of the first deliveries of large importers of the country was successfully carried out. Oksana has many years of experience in the field of multimodal transportation that guarantees the safety, compliance with the time requirements and quality of the services provided.


We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We always optimize the route and the list of necessary services, as a result of which we minimize your expenses.


Any point on the land of the Eurasian continent where there is asphalt is available for our auto delivery service

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