International transportation of auto parts is one of the main specializations of our company. The main advantages are many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all the nuances of working with these products.

The transportation of this type of cargo has certain features that require the professional approach of specialists in transportation. The packaging of the goods and their careful and safe transportation are very important. To do this, our managers engage qualified carriers and select the appropriate vehicles and reliable contractors for packing and securing the goods in order to ensure safety during transportation.

One of the most difficult procedures is the customs clearance of auto parts, since the list of goods in this case can sometimes contain thousands of items. With the help of experienced specialists from Good Logistic, customs clearance of auto parts will not cause any difficulties. Fast and proper customs clearance removes financial risks, because the cargo will arrive quickly and without downtime.

Our company works exclusively in the interests of the client, therefore we will:

  • select the for you best route
  • provide all the necessary transport;
  • draw up the necessary documents;
  • perform customs clearance of this type of cargo.
Оксана эксперт по мультимодальным перевозкам

We are glad to introduce you Oksana, our specialist for the delivery of automotive parts from the USA and Southeast Asia.

Thanks to our partnerships with agents around the world, we can pick up your cargo from anywhere, develop an optimal delivery route, consolidate cargo in our warehouse, execute high-quality packaging of goods, and, if necessary, involve survey companies to control the absence of mechanical damage and checking the quantity of goods.

Oksana is a professional for whom the guarantee of meeting the stated deadlines and the safety of transportation is a priority. Our quality standards, impeccable service and timely delivery are rewarded by satisfied customers who have recognized us as the best in this area and have been our partners for many years.


We deliver a significant portion of cargo ahead of schedule


We always optimize the route and the list of necessary services, as a result of which we minimize your expenses.


Any point on the land of the Eurasian continent where there is asphalt is available for our auto delivery service

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